Pharmacy Cosmetics

Our pharmacy offers a wide selection of high-quality and luxurious pharmacy cosmetics for your skin's needs. From our extensive cosmetics range, you can find just the right products for cleaning, moisturising, exfoliating, and pampering your skin.

High-quality pharmacy cosmetics takes a good care of  your skin. We have skin care product collections for all kinds of skin types, from atopic skin to adult skin with acne to normal skin.

Dermo-cosmetic products sold in pharmacies are high-quality products, which contain only tested, well-tolerated ingredients.

Welcome to Rotuaarin Apteekki! Let's find out together which skin care products suit you the best. You can also explore our product offering in our online shop.


ACO Hud is a Nordic skin care products and pharmaceuticals company. The company has its own R&D laboratory, where they develop many types of products ranging from pharmaceuticals to luxurious skin care products. ACO was launched in 1939 as Swedish pharmacies' own brand. Nowadays, ACO skin care products are sold in all Nordic counties, only in pharmacies.

Ingredients of ACO products are carefully selected. ACO's aim is to offer at the same time effective and gentle products for face and body. Their skin care products have been developed for Nordic climate and to keep skin well moisturised.


A-DERMA is a naturally healing, plant-based dermo-cosmetics range, which is developed by dermatologists and researchers. A-Derma range is created specially to meet the needs of a sensitive and fragile skin. Their products don't contain alcohol, essential oils or colourings. Most of the products are non-scented. Total ingredient amount is minimised to lower the allergy risk. All products are produced according to pharmaceutical production standards in France.

A-Derma's values for offering natural products are shown already in their production process. The Rhealba® oats used in their products are grown following strict organic farming principles.


Finnish Atopik natural cosmetics range is a skin care product line for the delicate face and body skin, sold only through pharmacies. Ingredients have been carefully selected to nourish, protect and moisturise very sensitive skin. Efficiency of their products is based on the caring features of Finnish organic oats, wild blueberry and prebiotics. The whole range is 100% FI-Natura certified vegan, organic, gluten-free and not tested on animals (Leaping Bunny audited).

This product range includes, e.g. Atopik Sensitive All Over Balm, which is the world's first cosmetic product that is packed in a unique Sulapac jar. The jar is fully biodegradable and plastic-free, and this Finnish innovation is made out of wood and nature-originated binding materials. Their jars and packaging materials reflect a fully natural approach and a strong aim for ecological sustainability.

Atopik products are developed, manufactured and packaged in Helsinki in Finland.


Avène is a pioneer in pharmacy cosmetics and has created a skin care product range for sensitive skin. Manufacturer of Avène is the French Pierre Fabre, which is also known as a reliable pharmaceutical company. All Avène products are based on the skin-calming Avène health spring water. Water's skin improving and calming effects have been known already since the 18th century, and later on, there were confirmed by dermatologists. The product range includes a wide selection of products for face and body care, and anti-aging products.


BIOEFFECT is a skin care line that was born as a result of bio-technology research. Bioeffect products are developed and manufactured in Iceland as research work of three pioneering researchers. Their Nobel Prize winning research made it possible to produce skin proteins similar to human DNA in barley. After over ten years of development work, they managed to create plant-based Epidermal Growth Factors, which treat skin's age-related changes naturally, on skin's own terms. EGF cell activators accelerate cell renewal and thus correct, skin's age-related changes.

BIOEFFECT skin care products make skin clearer and refreshed and bring back skin's natural youth.

BM CosmeCeuticals

BM CosmeCeuticals is a skin care line created by medicinal field. The BM lotion prevents wrinkles from occurring and gives skin new energy. With the products of the BM skin care line, you can achieve visible results when treating wrinkles and even scars. These products make thin, sensitive skin stronger, and they also work well when treating irritated skin. This product range also includes products for oily skin, skin with enlarged pores and impure skin. In addition, BM products have been seen to have  positive effects when treating pigment problems, and coupe rose or atopic skin.


CeraVe is a product range that has been created by dermatologists for everyday skin care for face and body and is suitable the whole family. CeraVe contains a unique combination of three different ceramides (1,3 and 6 II). These ceramides help to renew and strengthen skin's own support barrier and thus make the skin richer and moisturised. The moisturising effect of the products stay on the skin up to 24 hours.


Ducray offers skin care solutions to support everyday life. Ducray is one of the most known trademarks of the trusted French pharmaceutical company Pierre Fabre. Over the past 50 years, the company has focused on three complementing activities; pharmaceuticals, health, and dermo cosmetics. The wide Ducray range offers treatment options for scalp problems and daily skin care. Ducray dermo cosmetic products are sold only through pharmacies.


The caring Eucerin skin care line contains safe and efficient products that are developed especially for sensitive skin. With over 100 years of skin care experience, Eucerin offers a wide range of products to meet individual skin needs and which are suitable for all skin types, ensuring that the skin gets the best possible treatment. All Eucerin products feel delightful and soothing, they get absorbed fast and don't clog pores.

Eucerin products help to maintain or restore your skin's health. Their products contain only tested, carefully selected ingredients in order to reduce a risk of allergies or skin reactions. To reach good results, the products contain optimal concentrations of active ingredients that ensure dermatologically good results.

All products are clinically tested and developed in cooperation with dermatologists. The product range includes products both for face and body.


The Finnish Favora products are created especially for sensitive skin. Favora products contain carefully selected, clean ingredients, which skin needs to stay well and healthy. The air-tight pump packaging prevents impurities from entering even the opened packaging, thus significantly less preservatives or none at all are needed. Thanks to the practical pump mechanism, you can get just the right amount just by lightly pressing the pump.

The Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Association has given Favora the right to use the Finnish allergy safety sign on all their 18 products. This guarantees that the origin of the product is carefully checked, and that the product does not contain scents, colourings or other ingredients that usually cause irritations and allergic reactions. Favora's products that carry allergy safe sign suit most persons with sensitive skin, who have allergies or asthma, and persons who are sensitive to smells and scents.

IDUN Minerals

Sold only at pharmacies, IDUN Minerals is a Swedish mineral cosmetics range, which is based on carefully purified minerals. For instance, the nail polishes have a 5-Free-solution, which means that nail polishes do not contain the five unhealthy ingredients that are often used in nail polishes. The IDUN Minerals range includes a large selection of colour cosmetics for face, eyes, lips and nails. IDUN Minerals products are unscented.

IDUN Minerals skin care products contain naturally moisturising ingredients, and apple's vitamins and minerals. These products are dermatologically tested, unscented and 100% vegan. Some of the products have the allergy safety sign given by The Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Association. This skin care line also suits the most sensitive skin.

La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay skin care products are suitable for all skin types – also the most sensitive and they suit the whole family. La Roche-Posay has been an expert on sensitive skin ever since 1928. Dermatologists around the world recommend La Roche Posay products. Their products contain unique spring water, which is from the La Roche-Posay village in France. 100% of their products are hypo-allergenic. All products are clinically tested, and the products' efficiency and safety have been proven.

Louis Widmer

Louis Widmer is a dermo cosmetic range suitable for the whole family created by a Swiss family company. The products in this cosmetics line are all hypoallergic and suitable for sensitive skin, both face and body. These products are either mildly scented or unscented.

Louis Widmer does close cooperation with dermatologists and dermatology clinics. All products are manufactured according to the pharmaceutical manufacturing standards in Zurich in Switzerland.


Vichy offers comprehensive and high-quality skin care for the whole body regardless the age or skin type. The French dermatologist Haller founded the Vichy brand in 1931 and he researched the effects of spring water on skin health. Since that, the mineral-rich VICHY Thermal Spa spring water has been an important ingredient in this line's products. Scientifically proven, this 15-minerals-containing water helps to strengthen and renew skin. Vichy does cooperation with dermatologists, and all its skin care products are tested through strict pharmaceutical methods.